Director’s Message

It’s a massive pleasure that Standard Testing Services (STS) has been established as a self-sustained, technical & professional organization with fundamental values. By introducing latest technologies, innovative techniques to develop new testing services & contribute in Nation as well as protecting today and building tomorrow. Standard Testing Services offering assessment test, general ability test, educational test, professional test, recruitment test as well as aptitude test for the public and private sectors. We believe in strong partnerships and tailor our engagement models to the varied customers’ needs to enable maximized effect at significant cost savings in training, strategic management, evaluation and building capacity. Certifying merit, equality, transparency in education and service sector, to make continuous development and to produce talented community through educational research and development with zero tolerance policy. Our realization depends upon students, colleges, universities and institutions. STS strives to ensure emphasizing high level of professionalism, quality assessment. Our candidates appearing for assessment are the most pursued by the educational institutes/universities and the employers. They will become the leaders in their communities and accomplished targets/ goals in their respective fields. We strongly believe a true Universal perspective is vigorous to their education and development. We ensure that when they complete their studies, they are fully prepared to shining in the society as well as in the community. Once again I resonance that Standard Testing Services will be operated to provide advantage to the society. Inter connection between STS and the whole community will promise a lot and concrete way for prosperity.

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